10 commandments of playing poker

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10 commandments of playing poker

Commandments on How to Play Poker

Anyone who is a professional poker player knows that there are things to do and things not to do to be successful in playing poker. Whether you are playing in an online poker room or playing live poker.

If you are a beginner and wish to be successful playing poker you too must observe these rules. Always have it in mind that you must always play your best in every poker game. Concentration is very important in poker. Here are the 10 commandments of playing poker. Adhere to them and you will be successful in the game.

1st Commandment: You Must Play Good Starting Hand Always

Regardless of the form of poker you are playing, you must strictly adhere to this commandment of playing only good starting hands. This is one of the qualities of successful poker players. Playing good starting hands places you ahead pre-flop more often than not. I bet this is the position you want to always find yourself.

 2nd Commandment: Be Rational In Your Decision Making

You must make rational decisions in all your plays. Always endeavor to put your ego in check or it will make you take irrational decisions when playing poker. You have to take rational decisions from your game selection to playing within your bankroll and even to check raising your friend on the river.

3rd Commandment: Think Positive At All Time

A winner’s mindset is a positive one, so for you to be a winner in poker game you must be positive in your thinking. When you have a positive mentality people will see you as a winning player and will keep clear of heads up confrontations with you. This will allow you take some pot off your opponent which you normally will not be able to.

4th Commandment: You Must Understand When You Have An Edge In The Hand

What I mean here is that you should know when betting and raising may influence the outcome of the hand and capitalize on it. A typical example of such situation is where a better hand may fold to your bet. Always be aggressive with your strong hand to succeed with this commandment. You have to do things like check raising your opponents, value bet on the river and semi bluff your strong draws.

5th Commandment: Always Learn From Your Mistakes

The fact is whether you are a pro or an amateur you must make mistakes when playing poker. The fact that you know how to play poker or you know the poker strategy that works does not guarantee you won’t make mistakes. What makes you a good player is seeing these mistakes and learning from them. Bad players keep making the same mistake because they ignore them. If you take time to examine the questionable hands you played, acknowledge the mistakes you made when you played them will help you learn not to make the same mistakes in future poker games.

6th Commandment: Be Sure You Are Not Readable

If you are a readable player you will always find yourself in a tight situation. To avoid being readable you must learn how to mix up your play. You have to make people play against you when you have a strong hand as well as a marginal hand. You must not always play in a particular fashion. For example, if you only bet when you have a strong hand.

7th Commandment: Keep Working On Improving Your Game

Winners never stop learning. Always keep working to improve your poker game in any way you dim fit. Read books and articles in print and online on poker. You can also practice with software on your personal computer. We have online poker forums where you can post questions and receive worthy answers. Use them if you have anything you don’t understand about playing poker.

8TH Commandment: Always Be Attentive

Playing poker requires a lot of concentration. It doesn’t matter if you are involved in the hand or not, you have to be observant of your opponent. This is a must if you want to be winning your poker games. You have to be paying attention to their betting pattern, starting hand as well as their behavior and manner.

9th Commandment: Respect The Game And It’s Players

Respect they say is reciprocal. Don’t disrespect other players at the table especially if they are involved in the hand. Your voice should be down when there is a significant action.

10th Commandment: Don’t Play Poker Drunk

I have heard some poker players saying things like they drink when playing poker to calm their nerves. Are you imagining why I included it in the 10 commandments of playing poker? Here is why, alcohol negatively influences your judgment, causing you to make irrational decisions and lacking concentration. Anybody who knows how to play poker understand that you cannot be a winner by losing concentration. So don’t drink while playing poker and don’t play poker when drunk.

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