50 Shades of Poker

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50 Shades of Poker

The Dark Side Of Poker

No doubt poker is a game that requires a lot of concentration and skill. Meaning that if you want to be a professional poker player you must be involved whole heartedly. Many professional poker players talk about poker as a decent game just as professional football players talk about football or any other sport. However, one most note that poker also has a disturbing and not so pleasant side; the dark side of poker. I know you have started wondering what it could be. Don’t wonder so much, just follow me on this ride and discover the answer.

As a new poker player you may not know that, experienced poker players will explore your weaknesses to maximize their chances of winning. In live casino’s for example, what some experienced poker players do to win in a poker game is to always watch out or wait for a drunk or amateur poker player ready to play big money to sit down for a game of poker so they can capitalize on his novice-ness and take his money. They argue that poker is an intellectual challenge where full grown adults act on their own free will.

One other fact about poker is that most experienced poker players were at some point actually long term losers. Before winning big in poker, most of them have lost alot of money before understanding how the game works and building up their own poker strategy.

Have you had any opportunity to talk to any big time poker player? Some will tell you women, alcohol and debt are part of what they get playing poker? Many friendships and businesses have been ruined because of poker addiction. Marriages are not left out. Many promising marriages crumbled because of the man’s addiction to poker. Poker has swallowed all the money that was supposed to be used in taking care of the family and so on. Jobs have been lost and lives destroyed. However, poker has also many good sides and shades, the dark side of poker is just one of the many shades of poker.

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