Badugi Poker

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Badugi Poker

There are a lot of card games to play, and I mean a lot, just like solitaire, poker has an ever growing number of variations, after a while some players can get bored of playing Texas Holdem and fancy a change. There are loads of games like Omaha, 5 card, razz and stud games to pick from. You could play all day infact just learning the new games, with the amount of online poker rooms that are offering games today it’s all made to easy. Perhaps one of the many variations of poker have taken your interest and that’s why you want a change, why you are reading this article? Well Badugi is certainly a change from your normal game.

Poker, a game using playing cards which has previously attracted the interest of the world through tournaments has many variations to pick from. Badugi is one of the newest variants to be found in a couple of online poker sites and the game is slowly growing as people are taking interest. The game is thought to have originated somewhere in Asia where it is still widely played today. The game is only going to grow as more people gain internet access and find the enjoyment in multi player online poker games.

The game is completely different to Texas Holdem so you can forget all those pairs and flushes as they just won’t help you, for starters it is a four card game and secondly it is what’s known as a “low ball” game where the object is to collect the lowest cards. Another important difference between this and the more common poker games is that pairs and flushes etc don’t count, in fact the best hand ,which is also called a badugi, would be an Ace, Two, Three and Four of all different suits. Sometimes this has been called rainbow hands due to each card been different suits. Because the cards are different suits badugi hands are sometimes called rainbows. Badugi is also a draw game where players can swap cards with cards from the deck. The drawing of the cards is done in between the rounds of betting.

The game play involves rounds of betting with draws separating them, players don’t have to draw new cards – this is optional, players still try to out bluff each other by betting more than their hand is worth, this is part of the excitement and all games have newbies and sharks so play for a while and practice makes perfect.

As with any card game, the best way to actually learn for yourself is to play the game and experience it first hand for yourself. You may have to wait for a game because it’s not very popular yet but it is a change and you might enjoy playing a new card game. There is only a few online poker sites with the game but I’m sure you can find one and practice for free. The important part to remember is while playing badugi is no pairs, different suits and low cards count. You can always read the tutorials provided on the online poker room your are playing at.

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