Beginners Tips For Playing Texas Holdem

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Beginners Tips For Playing Texas Holdem

Texas holdem is the most common variant of poker. To learn the game perfectly and become a real master of the Texas holdem poker variant, you need lots of practice. It is quite disheartening for a newcomer to think about winnings when they don’t have enough practice. Although one cannot became a champion overnight, one has the chance to play well and win in the game provided you have the right poker strategy for the game.

Here are some great tips for the novice poker players.

The first basic thing that a new player should learn about the Texas holdem poker variant is to go through its rules, like the betting structure, the positions and the terminology that are associated with the game. When you are new to the game and don’t have proper practice, you should avoid playing in games where real money is involved.

The basic goal that you should aim for is to have the best poker hand; that is, a hand which is stronger than the hand of your opponent(s). You have to stay concentrated while playing poker and if after the cards have been dealt you make a strong hand, make a continuation bet unless of course you feel your opponent has formed a better hand like a flush or a full house. You have to play attentively and better yet try if you can to guess what cards your opponents have in their hand.

In case you are playing face to face with players, you should know how to control your emotions and possibly restrain yourself from showing any motion. There are players who have enough experience to read out the opponents. Your body language will tell them everything about your hand. Try to hide your emotions so your opponents do not get anything about your hand through your body language.

Another important decision that a newbie poker player whould need to make is whether to call or fold before the flop. Fold if you have weak cards. However expert poker players have been known to call with cards like 8 or 9 of the same suit as these cards have the chance of forming straights or even flushes. The amount for the blind should also be a deciding factor. When you have a strong hand you should bet and raise rather than calling.

In case you decide to call before the flop, you still have the option to fold after the flop should the flop not favour the cards in your hand. For example: If you have less than a pair and a bet is made fold.

If you are the first one to bet after the flop, you should check the flop cards, combine them with the cards you are holding to see if you have made a strong hand and if the flop has you made bet so as to add to the pot winnings. Betting also eliminates limpers. Again when you have a strong hand by checking you can actually make others believe that you have a weak hand and then act accordingly if they should bet or raise.

These are the basic poker strategies of playing Texas Holdem.However, before you can become a poker master there are a gazillion of other poker strategies coupled with practice that you would need to learn and do.

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