Continuation Bet Poker Strategy for advanced Players

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Continuation Bet Poker Strategy for advanced Players

If you are an advanced poker player then you already know what a continuation bet is but if you are new or have never heard of it before then here is what it means. A continuation Bet is when a player bets before the flop and continues to bet after the flop it’s that easy. Your strategy as an advanced player is different than a novice. Your position at the table, the board texture and getting good reads on people are all going to be factors when you make your poker strategy.

Betting 60-80% of the pot is normally a good place to start, if you bet less you seem weak and this will leave room for you opponents to raise the pot. If you bet more than 80% you will have a hard time getting out of the hand if the pot is too large.

Your position at the table is also a huge factor in your poker strategy. In poker being the early position, that is the three seats to the left of the dealer at the table you’re at a disadvantage because you have to act first and you won’t be able to know how your opponents will play after you have checked,raised,or called. Being in the last position which is also the dealer at the table you have the advantage as this position allows you to have a lot of information about how the hand is going to be played and can change your strategy accordingly.

The board texture will play a huge part in your continuation betting. A lot of thought needs to go into the board texture because you will have the greatest chance of winning if you pay attention to it. Board texture has many factors to take into consideration but it’s pretty easy to understand. The community cards can help you figure out the card that might be in the other player’s hands. The continuation bet should be made to represent any of the cards that might be in the other player’s hands.

Being able to get good reads on the people at your table is almost as important as the board texture. Everyone has a tell. A tell is something that a person does when they have either a really good hand or a really bad hand and every tell is different. If you play the same people often enough you will get to know their tells. When you fold you should still stay alert and watch how people play knowing how they act under stressful situations is a great way to learn how to beat them.

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