Did Something Stupid – Played Poker Drunk!

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Did Something Stupid – Played Poker Drunk!

How to play poker drunk…Not!

Yes! I did something stupid, I played poker drunk! I made lots of mistakes, I lost all my money. I learned the hard way.

Poker is a game that needs a lot of concentration for you to be able to analyze every play and make the most profitable decisions in all situations. You must be relaxed if you want to play your best game. You may be tempted to take a little alcohol to relax and calm your nerves but the truth is being well rested will help you stay relaxed and play a better game. If you take alcohol while playing poker, you surely will keep having more as the game progresses and end up not playing your best while drunk. It will impair your mental state as it did to me.

It will make you believe that you will play the best poker of your life, make great reads and pickup big pots to line your bankroll. Only for you to discover that after a few hands your play will not only deteriorate but you will start playing without considering the right poker strategy to use.

Alcohol gave me a high level of confidence while I was playing. I later discovered that I didn’t need increased confidence when playing poker as playing under the influence of alcohol made me susceptible to tilt. The tilt seemed to last for eternity, and I was never able to play my best. If you really want to learn how to play poker you should not play drunk. Or else the alcohol will impair your mental state and you will not make the best poker strategy decisions.

Before playing poker drunk consider some of the stupid mistakes I made:

1. I Was Floating Without A Plan

I was unable to properly consider the turn cards that were good for raising. I was confused when my opponent double barreled. Floating without a plan is not a good option when playing poker. You need a solid plan.

2. I Was 3betting With Hands I should Call With

I knew I will get more value calling with KJs on the BTN (Button) against a TAG (tight aggressive player) raising in the CO (cutoff position) more than I will get 3betting. Yet, I kept 3betting with broadway cards against aggressive players in LP (late position).

3. I Cbet Without A Plan

I could not determine what cards will be good for double barreling. I couldn’t figure out what to do on the turn as my opponents were not folding to my cbet (Continuation Bet).

4. I Was Limping Too Much

Limping is rarely a good play. This I know. I also realized that each time I limped I was always in an awkward situation and lost money. I didn’t get good values either from strong hands, yet I kept on limping.

You can now understand why I said I did something stupid because I played poker drunk. I lost a lot of money and wasted a lot of time not to mention the physical and emotional issues I had to deal with later after discovering all my money was gone. Even if you are playing online poker on online poker rooms with a free account, don’t play poker drunk.

The fact is that alcohol and poker are not the best combination. Learn from my mistakes! Don’t play poker drunk!

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