Do Poker Books Make You A Better Poker Player

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Do Poker Books Make You A Better Poker Player

Poker Books and How to Play Poker

Going to class is one thing however applying what you have learnt is an entirely different story. Poker gaming agrees with this school of thought. While a considerable number of articles including this one may tell you that it is easy to be a master in this game, becoming an experienced poker player takes time and practice.

Now, do poker books bring about a noticeable improvement in how a poker player plays the game? My honest opinion, I think not. Why? You may ask. Well, most poker books provide poker players tips and poker strategies to begin playing poker. These books give guidelines and very good poker strategy tips on how to better your poker play but all that does not help if one does not practice. In other words, everything comes down to one thing: practice, practice and more practice. The more you play poker, the more you have a tendency to realize what to do and at what time. Note however that, some of the poker strategy tips that one can use while playing live poker in a casino cannot be used while playing online poker. As in the later you do not get the advantage of seeing your opponents and so cannot really use strategies meant for live play to win the game.

When playing online poker, read poker books that center on online poker strategy. Pay close attention to your opponents and position when playing against more experienced players. Read books or articles on starting hands, poker statistics, probability, types of poker and how to play them. With these materials, you can choose which poker variant best suits you, what levels of play you want to start with and table positions to name a few. It is however, always advisable to play with play money first before you start playing with real money. Then again, you can decide to watch the poker professionals play or even play with one if you do not care about your bankroll and the amount you stand to lose. Keep in mind the more you play, the more you will improve at it.

After you have read the poker strategy books, go out and play to find out for yourself if what you read has changed how you play poker. Ask yourself if you are content with how far you’ve come regarding enhancing your poker knowledge? Regardless of the answer, keep notes on your development. Include which poker strategy tips you have picked up and which have helped your game the most. Try to play outside your safe place if you are confident enough and think you can beat a more experienced opponent. The more you play or gather new ideas and strategies, the more experienced you will get to be in poker. Books are a wellspring of information yet applying what you have learnt by practicing is what works. It is what makes you a better poker player.

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