How to Choose the Best hands for Bluffing?

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How to Choose the Best hands for Bluffing?

Have you had some bad luck lately playing poker? Well the problem may be that you don’t know how or when to bluff. You may not think so but there is a wrong way and a right way to bluff. The art of bluffing can be a good thing if you know how and when to bluff. The whole point of bluffing is to make the other players at the table think you have a better hand than they do. The whole point of poker is to win. So let’s learn how to bluff correctly.

The first thing you should know about bluffing is not to do it too often, this can be counterproductive. The second is it may make you look like a weak player, and people will take advantage of this. No one likes to lose and the whole point of poker is to win so you need to know when and with what cards you should do this with. There are two ways to bluff the first is on the river and the second is on the Flop.

The flop in poker is all about equity. This means if you are holding high value cards , you need to make sure that the cards in your hand are higher or at least of equal value to what your opponents have. You should only bluff when you have at least a decent hand. Because if you under estimate your opponents hand you will lose.

Then on the river, use two poker strategies, one is bluff catching values and the other is to block bet. Bluff catching values means if you have low value cards you can still lose the hand to a bluff, this should only be used if you have high value cards in your hand. If you have low value cards maybe a pair of 3’s you might want to use the on the river bluff. This form of bluffing uses the block bet. Let me try to explain it. This poker strategy is when you have a weak card but not sure if you have the best hand, you make a small block bet so as to know if  your opponent has weak value cards in his hand or has made his hand. If your opponent has for example low numerical value or high value cards with no pairs he/she will fold.

Remember to be careful when you bluff. Bluffing often will show you are a weak player and people may take advantage of this. Know when to bluffing as it might be effective sometimes but not all the time. Bluffs are generally made to steal the pot or discourage other players from calling and when the chance of being called decreases the outcome is higher thus increasing the benefit of the bluff. Don’t forget to have fun.

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