Top Tips to Make You a Better Poker Player

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Top Tips to Make You a Better Poker Player

How to Play Poker

Want to be a better poker player and win more hands? Here are five great tips to help you become a more successful poker player.

  1. Fold all starting hands that are not extremely good

A common mistake that novice poker players often make is that they play every hand. A good poker player knows when to fold their cards. If your starting hand is pathetic, it’s better to simply fold at the start of the game, then waste money trying to get a better hand. Staying in the game means you get to play more and gain experience, but it will certainly lose you money in the end run. For a beginner, it is recommended that you fold at least half of your starting hands. Be very critical on hands that you stay in with, if you starting hand is not extremely good fold it.

  1. Don’t Stay in if you cannot win

Another common mistake that novice poker players make is that once they put money in the pot, they feel they need to stay in until the end of the game. If half way through the game it is obvious that you don’t have the cards to win, fold. Staying in a game that you cannot win and adding more money to the pot, is just a waste. Cut your losses and hope for better cards the next game. Bottom line, the more money you put in the pot, the more money you are going to lose, only continue playing if you actually think you have a winning hand.

  1. Know the Rules

This seems like an obvious one, but many people play poker without knowing how to play poker or all the rules. Before engaging in a real money poker game, be sure to take the time to learn all the rules and fundamentals of the game. You can get a book on poker or spend some time online learning all about it. Some casinos and poker games have different rules, so it is also best to ensure you are up to date and familiar with all their rules.

  1. Pay attention

When playing poker, it is very important that you pay attention. Not only should you pay attention to your own hand, you need to pay attention to everyone else at the table, even when you have folded your hand. By paying attention and watching the other players, you will pick up on players “tells” and will improve your own game. You should never play poker for money when you have been drinking alcohol, tired or are not feeling well, as you will be far less observant. Paying attention and watching the other players carefully is one of the key factors of becoming a successful poker player.

  1. Don’t play above your skill level and what you can afford to lose

Playing poker for money is very exciting and when you are winning it’s always tempting to move up to high stake games. However, keep in mind that the higher the stakes, the better the players, and the more money you can potentially lose. Novice players should start with low stake games, and only move up to high stake games when they have the skill to win and can afford the loses. Never play a game you cannot afford to lose.


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