Men, Women and Poker. The love Triangle

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Men, Women and Poker. The love Triangle

Men Love Women But Even More Than That Men Love Poker

It is a fact that men love women and don’t want to share their women with anyone else. They do anything to keep their women happy and will jump at any chance to be with them. The same way men love poker. A Man’s love for poker is quite like the love for his woman because of so many good things they derive from both. Different men have different reasons they love and play poker. Just as different people have different reasons for supporting a football club. To be candid poker is a very exciting game but it can also be very addictive if not carefully handled.

If you have been wondering why men love poker so much here are 3 facts that will help you understand:
Spirit of Friendship:

This can be said to be the main reason why men are in love with playing poker. After a hectic day at work most men will like to relax and socialize to ease off the stress of the day. So they just go out and play some friendly poker. Not just for the cash but it also provides an opportunity to socialize with friends, have some drinks and chat about anything. The spirit of friendship and togetherness that exist between poker game players is the force behind the love of men for the game of poker.

The Challenge:

Naturally, real men love challenges and the challenging skills required to play poker makes it a perfect game. This required poker skills creates a kind of healthy competition for men who play poker. The bluffing and risk involved in poker game makes playing poker a real challenge. The joy and happiness of beating another man to become the champion in a game that requires skills is one of the things that makes poker the favorite of most men.

Opportunity To Talk About Guys Stuff:

While it is easy for women to sit together and easily discuss all day with their friends, men find it difficult to do so. Men prefer talking about anything when they are happily engaged in another activity. Poker is the perfect activity were men enjoying playing and at the same time open up conversations that are usually very difficult to discuss directly with each other. They may be facing serious issues at home or in the office. Playing poker with friends gives them the opportunity to share the problems and get solutions.
Poker game is not all about the money, rather it involves friendship and mutual trust among friends that play the game together. The fact that humans are social in nature makes the game very addictive. So stop wondering why men love poker as much as they love women.

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