Money Making Through Online Poker Games

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You can make money playing poker online, or at a casino or gaming house, but unless you are very skilled and experienced, your chances of making anything substantial are very slim. Most poker players end up losing money, not making it.

Professional poker players can win hundred of thousands of dollars per year, but that’s after years of playing and many loses. Poker professional, Daniel Negreanu, made close to a million dollars in 2013 playing in 51 poker tournaments, but that is after years of playing. Additionally, he only actually won 11 of the 51 tournaments he participated in.

Most people play poker online nowadays. However, it has gotten increasingly difficult over the last few years to make any type of significant profits. Most people confess to losing more money than they make when playing poker online. The really big earners online are able to play multiple tables at the same time and are very experienced and skilled in the game. The chances of a newbie or even moderately experienced poker player making money is very small. Another problem with playing poker online, is that some sites and people use poker bots, which are near impossible to beat, making your odds of winning very dismal.

online poker gamePlaying at a casino or gaming house tends to increase your odds of winning, as you can better observe the other players and the use of artificial intelligence like using a poker robot is eliminated.

No matter if playing online or playing in person, tournaments are by far the biggest money payout around. However, to get into a tournament you generally need to have won some previous games and have some experience under your belt. You usually also need to have the cash on hand to pay the buy in. Some tournaments are “open” which allows anyone in, as long as they have the initial buy in. If you are a novice or moderately experienced poker player, scope out the competition before entering a tournament. If there is several professional players in the tournament that you will most likely not be able to beat, do not waste your money entering it. Wait a couple of years till you have a solid chance of winning.

Poker is a game of chance and skill, and only the really best players make money regularly. Know your own skill level and try to only enter games with those who have equal or lesser skill level as yourself. Do not play a game you do not think you can win.

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