One of the major differences between playing in live games and playing over the internet is the ability to play different poker games at once and as many tables as you want to at the same time. Many of the top poker players online frequently play multiple games at a time.


Almost every major poker site on the internet today has multi – tabling features allowing you to play more than one table at a time. The number of tables you can play varies site by site, but most sites that are capable of multi-tabling allow you to play at least four tables at a time. Some sites will allow you to play up to eight tables simultaneously! If you’re an even remotely solid player, you’re basically multiplying your hourly expected win rate by the number of tables you play. This is a great way to build a bankroll and move up in limits.

Why Multi-Table?

The big advantage of multi-tabling is that it encourages tight aggressive play, you are guaranteed to be involved in hands that on a single table you may not get for a whole session; but because you have other games opened you tend to fold more than you call instead of calling bad hands just because you had a decent hand for so long.

However, before you start playing more than one table at a time, you should first have a grasp of what it takes to multi-table before you attempt to play more than one table.

When to Multi-Table

Playing more than one game can be very stressful, as you have to make fast decisions in seconds. It’s always better to play when you are well rested so as to give yourself the opportunity to make the right decisions for every hand.

The basics

Before you attempt to start playing more than one table. It is imperative that you understand the basics of Multi- tabling. Almost every popular poker site allows their players to multi-table, however you should note the amount of time that is given to you for making the decisions. For example, UB Poker is one of the fastest site, and their timer rings off much quicker than other sites like Party Poker .

Once you got the basic strategy right for tournaments or cash games, start out with two tabling. In the beginning, you will find yourself being constantly engaged in the poker, and can at times be draining. If you think you are making bad decisions, try to start tournaments at different blind levels and cash games in different positions. For example, you start a tournament and wait for it to reach the middle blinds , and then start another tournament. Now, you have two tournaments running at different levels, and if you are following the good tournament strategy, you would be folding most of the hands in the second tournament, and will be easier to make decisions in the first one. Similarly, in cash games, you can sit at different positions (relative to the blinds) in two games make sure that you don’t have two games waiting for you to make the decision at the same time.

Choosing Games:

One of the best parts of playing poker online is the wide variety of games available at any given time. However, mixing games can be very dangerous for your bankroll. For example: If you have a table of Pot-Limit Omaha running, and you jump into three tables one of Limit Hold’em, another of No Limit Hold’em and then another table of Stud. Having four tables open at once has already increased the number of decisions you’ll have to make per minute, but now playing four different games at once has increased the chances of you making a big mistake and costing yourself a lot of money. Imagine if you forgot in the heat of the moment that one of your tables isn’t hold’em, and you end up pressing the wrong button because you got confused between your tables, you will loose the pot! That’s a lot of risk in comparison to the rewards of playing multiple games at once. Instead of making such costly mistakes, it is best to play one type of game and preferably the same site.


One disadvantage about multi-tabling is that tables continuously keep popping up once they are on action. Some sites like PokerStars have a cascading function. However, if you are playing on a site that does not have the cascading function, there are some tools available such as MTH (Multi Table Helper) , Tweak UI PokerTracker combined with PokerAceHud that take care of these problems, and provide great features like colored borders to name a few. To find the poker tools that will best help you improve your multi-tabling experience we recommend visiting Poker Software where you can find full reviews of many kinds of poker software.

PC Monitor

If you have a standard resolution like 1024×768, playing on more than two tables can be daunting because the tables usually overlap. Some sites like PartyPoker and PokerStars let you resize the tables, but the font may be too small for you to read. The recommended solution is to get a bigger monitor, more than one monitor, and a better adapter. If you are buying a new computer, or upgrading one, and have the money to buy a large monitor, then go for a monitor that can display resolutions up to 1600×1200 without making the font too small. Another solution is to simply have a second monitor hooked up to your old computer. Standard PCs usually come with a display adapter that can support one monitor only. You will have to buy an adapter that can support two monitors or install another adapter to hook up both monitors. Once you have the adapter that can support two monitors, it is quite easy to setup Windows to use them

Avoid Chatting

Avoid chatting. If you’re multi-tabling and you tilt because you got into some argument on one of your tables, the consequences could be even worse – the amount you might lose on one table could end up being the amount you lose on every table. Most sites allow you to turn the chat function off, and doing so is a smart move. The amount of information you gain about your opponents from chat is minimal compared to the information available from how they play the game – focus on that and you’ll do better in the long run.

Conclusion to Multi-Tabling

Multi-tabling can be a huge plus to you as an online poker player. It takes a lot of trial and error to find your basic strategy and what system works best for you. Try multi-tabling with different helper programs until you find one that suits your needs and helps you make smart and unfailing decisions.

Goodluck at the tables!