Poker As An Intellectual Game. Part Three

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Poker As An Intellectual Game. Part Three

Third type of intellectual effort

The third type of intellectual effort is a psychological one.

This type of intellectual effort is connected with the analysis of the part of a game situation which is not connected with the game process itself. This type includes taking into account the psychological peculiarities of the game.

Strictly speaking, this psychological element is not as widely used in chess, mainly because of the game information which is fully open to both opponents.

In poker the psychological element is very important. It determines almost half of the success of the player. The restricted type of information in poker makes the players only deduce it and it can be done only by observing your opponent. Furthermore, there is the chance to be misinformed or manipulated if a player chooses to give a false body language signal etc.

Below are three aspects of a psychological strategies that are often used by experienced players.

Firstly, it is watching for the “signs” of an opponent and the “signs” that you send out. Secondly, one uses the continuous assessment of the psychological state of opponent. Thirdly, one can psychologically pressurize an opponent in order to impose one’s will on the opponent.

From the three components of intellectual efforts – logical, analytical and psychological, the most important ones in chess are the first two while in poker the last two. But the analytical component dominates in both games, which is quite understandable because these two games are highly intellectual.

And finally there is the last comparative observation. In chess, the role played by psychology, is far less important than the role of logic and analytics. Chess in this sense appears as the game of principle. Irrespective of the state of mind the player must and can find the way to victory, with this way not depending on human feelings and emotions. Chess is a game of philosophy, the game of aristocrats and of the soul.

In poker the role of psychology is more important especially in comparison to logic. The moral state of the opponent, their feelings and emotions not only influence the course of the game but change the way the game is won. In this sense poker is a game of plebeians, the battle of human passions.

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