With the super fast, user-friendly odds calculator, you can calculate your odds of winning the Texas Holdem poker game. First, choose the pocket cards of the individual players as well as those of the flop and turn then click on "Get Odds". When you click on "Get Odds," the odds calculator shows your chances of winning, as well as those of your opponent, as a percent. This makes your decisions at the poker table a lot easier and allows you to work on your strategy.

Even if you're just starting out with poker and don't have any tricky tournament situations to review yet, you can benefit from using an odds calculator. Are you unsure about which hand is stronger in a certain situation or what card has to come at the turn to make your hand unbeatable? Just ask the Poker Odds Calculator - this way you'll quickly get a feeling for the game as well as the hierarchy of card combinations and nothing will stand in the way of your poker career!