4 Poker Chip Tricks That Everyone Should Know

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4 Poker Chip Tricks That Everyone Should Know

Poker Chip Tricks

Like most gambling games, poker, whether played online or in brick and mortar casinos has its own particular chip tricks that one can simply use as a trump card to distract your opponent at the poker table. Fundamentally, utilizing chip tricks has proven very successful to many poker players. The most common 4 chip tricks are usually intended to hone your gaming abilities and make your opponents think that you have been playing poker all your life.

Chip tricks are well known among poker players and there are several variations of poker chip tricks but we will be looking at the most common 4. The tendency to learn may seem amusing if not fascinating but chip tricks can be used as a bluffing technique when playing poker and is a good poker strategy when you want to puzzle and daze your opponents be they friends or foes.

Below are the most common chips tricks:
Poker Chip Shuffle:

The first chip trick to learn is the poker chip shuffle. It basically involves rearranging your chips into one big stack while playing to divert the attention of your opponents.

Start off with four chips, with two chips lying next to the other. Now to move the chips together, put your thumb and index finger on one side of the chip, the ring finger on the other side of the chip and the middle finger should be between the chips where the touch to help lifting and stacking. Now try to push the chips to form one stack. Soft surfaces make practicing easier. When you have mastered shuffling four poker chips add another chip and when that becomes second nature add another and eventually you will be able to shuffle huge stacks.

Poker Chip Snap

An Alternate easy chip trick is the poker chip snap. This chip trick is one of the most straightforward tricks to master in light of the fact that it a simple trick to do and can divert your opponents focus. That being said, one should to a certain extent make the chip snap loud to distract your opponents but don’t make it a habit as other players could get irritated. To learn this trick simply place two chips on the palm of your hands and place your thumb above the uppermost chip. Use your thumb to slide the topmost chip onto your fingers so the chips are lying next to each other. Now remove your thumb and close your hand thus returning the chip to its original position. By doing this fast and with pressure applied you will get the loud snap

The Poker Chip Flip

The chip flip or thumb flip chip trick requires flipping one chip over the top of the other. You need to hold at least three chips and flip the first chip in front to the back. The trick to learning this chip trick is knowing how to hold your chips correctly. Simply start by holding 3 -4 chips between your index, middle and ring fingers. Now push your thumb against the front chip, pull it up and move it over the other chips and put it at the back of the stack. Practice and more practice until you feel comfortable doing this chip trick. It is easy, not too jazzy but still looks stylishness on any poker table.

Poker Butterfly Chip Trick

What about the butterfly? As being what is indicated, it is a hard trick to do, however it is a cool trick to learn. It basically is taking four poker chips and spreading them between your fingers.

To start; hold four chips as you would in a chip flip that is between your index, middle and ring fingers. Now lift two of the chips nearest to your palm using your thumb and move them towards the index finger while moving the other two chips down your little finger. At the same time, drop your ring finger and use that to pull the other two chips to the opposite direction. If you do this correctly, you will have two chips each between the little and the ring fingers whereas the other two poker chips will remain in place between the thumb and the index finger. At this point your little finger will either be touching or almost touching the index finger.

Next, using your thumb pull the topmost chip from the middle finger. Simultaneously use the little finger to slide the lowest chip downwards and out. As the little and thumb are moving out with one chip each, move your middle finger to bring up the two middle chips and gently slide these last two chips to the ring and index fingers. Voilà you have a chip held laterally in the gap between each finger. This trick is the hardest to master and only through relentless practice can one prevail.

It is advisable when learning poker chip tricks to use poker chips that are commonly used in casinos. You will need to spend some time doing it. Practice makes the master so constant practice is a must and when you have mastered your new chip trick, show off your acquired skill at your next poker night out at the poker table.

Lastly, chip tricks are fascinating to learn regardless if you are an enthusiastic poker player or not. In the event that you are a poker player it gives you an edge over your opponents.

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