Poker Players: Smart Players and Suckers

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Poker Players: Smart Players and Suckers

No one can really tell the way their game is, if it is good or not. But the streak of wins and losses can give a pretty good idea on that. To determine whether a play is perfect or not or to find out just how the perfect poker player would play poker, you must first look at the player himself.

In a poker player’s evolution there are three important phases:
First phase:

The novice phase. Being a novice means you are fairly new and don’t know much about poker, no matter what you may think. The problem with novice players is that they can remain in this stage forever. Because evolving means some effort and they are just not ready to make that effort. Novice players play too many cards, they don’t know the strategy or worse, they know it but can’t decide when to apply it or wrongly apply it. Novice players lose most of the times.

Second phase:

The booksmart phase. A booksmart player is a player that reads a lot about poker and he is currently discovering that he should play fewer hands. A booksmart poker player should apply the poker strategy learnt from books and this way he will make some money.

Third phase:

The expert category or the situational expert phase. When in this stage, you can even play more hands than a booksmart player does without loosing.

Being in the final stage is ideal. Almost any player that takes the time to learn or read a thing or two about poker can easily get to be a booksmart player, but from that point to the final stage the road is long. Poker is an interesting game because the gap between how good your hand is in comparison to the hand of your opponent is inversely proportional to the amount of money you will win from that hand. If your hand is just a little bit better than you opponent’s then the cases are that you will make a lot of money, much more than when winning over a hand much lower than yours. Or if you are just about to lose because of a card you are chasing, you will probably make a lot of money if that card turns up and you win.

Basically beating your opponents through semi bluff makes the profits. So to make a lot of money, play hands that will improve to the best hand if you catch a strong card and bet out on the following round as such hands are usually played by the situational experts. Bluffing is not a poker strategy that can be learnt from books and it takes courage and perfect understanding of odds to pull it off.

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