Poker Sites Focusing on Women

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Poker Sites Focusing on Women

Online Casinos: Taking A Step Towards Womankind

In recent times, the number of women ranking as professional poker players is on the rise unlike some years back. With the decline in the economy and high unemployment rate everyone is looking for an alternative way to make ends meet. Women have suddenly realized that poker is an alternative means of making money and getting the happiness they need. Women’s confidence in the game of poker is growing day after day. You even find women poker players competing with their male counterparts in major tournaments. Most of these women are highly skilled at the game and make the men to really sweat for their money.

Why The Sudden Rise

Formerly women shy away from sitting on the table to play poker with men. This makes poker a male dominated game. The story is different now. Why? The game of poker has gone online! With online poker sites the confidence of women poker players keep growing. This is because they can play as much as they like and still remain anonymous. They don’t have to go to a casino to play. They sit at the comfort of their homes to play. All they need is an internet connection.

Many poker sites have realized that womankind is fast becoming a force to reckon with in professional poker. They have also realized that online gambling has focused their marketing campaigns on the menfolk thus far. They have neglected the women in poker for a long time. Today, you find many online poker sites shifting their attention to their female clientele. They do everything to make sure their female players feel comfortable and welcome. They launch tournaments and tools geared primarily towards their female clientele.

Most of these online poker sites know that many women are still new in the game of poker, so they focus their poker resources on beginners. Knowing fully well that the female players don’t have as much experience as the men, resources like articles, discussion boards and tutorials are made available for them.

One of such online poker sites is Pokerstars. Pokerstars has so many online tournaments specifically created for women. Most of the tournaments have a guaranteed price and you can buy-in directly. In some cases, they have satellite qualifiers running in the lead up to each of the tournament. With these tournaments, you have the opportunity to compete against other female players for a cash prize.

Pokerstars has guaranteed women only tournaments running almost every day just to encourage more women. You will find tournaments like women’s daily special, women’s nightly special, women’s Tuesday, women’s micro and women’s macro all going on in this great online poker site. The buy-in for most of these tournament is from as little as $0.11.

If you are a woman and love playing poker seize the moment; because you can now make your skill count.

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