How to play Poker outside your bankroll

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How to play Poker outside your bankroll

How to handle issues that arise when you play poker outside your bankroll.

Many people will tell you what not to do when playing outside your Bankroll but not many people will tell you what to and how to handle the issues that arise when you do. Not only does playing outside your bankroll in poker cause stress on you but it can cause stress on your family. Not knowing when to quit, sloppy playing, money blindness and losing sight of you priorities and table limits are also issues that can come out of not playing within your bankroll.

The house always wins is a true fact and unless you have an unusual gift for poker, which most people don’t then the fact is you will come away from the table with a loss. How is this? You might ask its simple, let’s say you are on a winning streak so you leave ahead one night well they know you will come back and odds are you will lose while the house wins. One way to avoid this is to bring a set amount of money and leave all your credit cards and your check books at home this way you can only spend what you brought.

Stress comes when you’re on a losing streak and you become a sloppy player. When this happens and if you can recognize it, get up and go away from the table. Take a moment to collect yourself before you continue playing. Playing online poker or in a casino and being on a losing streak can cause you to play more and go beyond your bankroll. You don’t want to do this because the house will win. Get up from the table before you lose everything and cash out what little money you have left to play again the next time.

Not knowing when to quit or walk away from the game in a casino or online poker room can also hurt your bankroll in poker. When you’re winning you don’t want to get up and leave because you’re playing the best game of your life. This is when you want to leave because again you don’t want to lose it all. Not knowing when to quit is also a good way to get money blindness, this happens when you don’t know how much or how little money you have and then the next thing you know you bust out of the game. It is very important to know how much money you have if you’re ahead take the extra and stack it off to one side that way you will know exactly how much you have.

The most serious issues that can arise from playing outside of your bankroll in an online poker room or casino are losing sight of your priorities and your table limits. Losing sight of your priorities is probably one of the hardest issues to fix. Poker should be fun and with that being said you should play it for fun. If it stops being fun and is getting in the way of you living up to your responsibilities then you have a gambling problem. Family and your job should always come first and if they start falling by the wayside you should get help before you lose both. Table limits are set so that everyone can play poker. Start with the low limit tables and stay there until you know how to play poker like a pro. If you have success with that move to the next limit and do the same thing this will help you stay within your Bankroll. Remember to have fun.

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