Poker Strategy on Multi-Table Tournaments

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Poker Strategy on Multi-Table Tournaments

When you play poker your poker strategy will change according to how you are playing, what you are playing and if you are playing at one table or you are playing a multi- table tournament. Multi-table tournaments can go on for days. So your strategy needs to change with every step that takes you closer to that final table. What worked for you at a single table game may not work at a multi- table tournament.

The best poker strategy to have is the ability to adapt quickly to the changes of the tournament. Once a player loses all his chips or busts out the remaining players are shuffled around so there is the same amount of players at every table. This leaves little room to get to know and remember all the players’ strategies. Another good strategy is to be more careful when you bluff you don’t want to look like a weak player and you also don’t want to catch the eye of the calling station. You want to make it to the final table so use bluffing carefully.

In the beginning of the tournament it can be a good idea to be more aggressive then normal so you can stay in the game longer. This doesn’t mean you have to put higher amounts in to the pot but it does mean staying in the game a little longer than you might normally. As the multi – table tournament progresses you will have to invest more and concentrate more to advance in the game but on the brighter side the speculative hands or bluffs go down.

Your position at the table is another poker strategy you need to consider. If you are the first to buy into the pot then your high cards are worth more than the others at the table. If you are in the middle then you don’t want to call a raise because this will cost you more chips. Being last at the table in poker can be a great advantage to you because you can see how the others at your table play and change your strategy accordingly. When the tournament goes on and there are only a few people left to eliminate until the final table this is called a bubble. At this point in the game the more chips you have the more hands you can win without much effort. You want to raise and not call at this point.

If you are lucky enough to make it to the final table then you will have to “up your game”. You will want to pick you fights with players that have a medium stack of chips; these players are the ones most likely to play more aggressively than the other players

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