Poker Table Position Strategy

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blindsWhen you refer to your position at the table, you should think about the place you are seated on a table relative to the player that is the dealer for that specific hand. If you are the dealer for the hand, you find yourself positioned last to bet, so your position is the best as you can see everyone’s reactions and bets before you make your own bets.

The player that has to bet the small blind is the player situated on the left of the dealer and after the pre-flop betting he or she will be the first to bet.

The player that has to bet the big blind is the player situated two seats to the left of the dealer and after the pre-flop betting he or she will have an early position. This position, as well as the small blind, is an obliged position, which means they cannot fold in the pre-flop.

The small blind or the player that has the position situated to the left of the dealer has the first action when cards are first dealt. Because the bets are placed in a clockwise motion, players that have to bet or decide later are in late position and they have many advantages. They have time to think and see what everybody else is doing before acting and place bets accordingly. They can even gamble a little if the odds look favourable to them. They are most likely to lose less and they most certainly are the most confident players at the table.

Players in the early positions must play carefully. If they have clearly a bad hand, they should fold. They are disadvantaged due to their early position, and all actions must be carefully considered unlike the players in the late positions.

But, thinking from a different perspective, if you are the dealer you can clearly see how all they others are betting and also estimate the value of the pot and play only if you have a very good hand. If a dealer raises after a bet, all the others must act again. If the dealer bets once it is quite possible that the dealer may bet again and maybe even re-raise if he/she has a winning hand and wants to increase the size of the pot winnings.

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