Random Number Generators

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ramdom cardsYou’ve probably noticed that Real Time Gaming, or any online gambling site, doesn’t use real cards. You have probably wondered at some point how the website is able to generate random card patterns that mimic actual game play without using real cards. The way that Real Time Gaming is able to produce random card combinations is through the use of a random number generator. Random number generators are not only used in cards games, they are also used in any game that requires an element of chance. For example, when you are playing Craps online, there is a random number generator that is producing the results of the dice. This is beneficial for a player to understand before playing.

As you might have guessed by now it is absolutely essential for Real Time Gaming to use the most high quality random number generator that they possibly can. They must do this to get as close to absolute randomness as technologically possible. There is quite a bit of technical details that effect absolute randomness and it is helpful for a player to understand some of the basics on how randomness is intentionally generated so that they can more fully understand how the game is played.

There are two basic types of random number generators that are typically used. The most common random number generator is based on a mathematical formula and is typically the easiest to produce. Obviously, the quality of the random number generator is based on how well the mathematical algorithm is written and implemented.

Another common random number generation method is the use of atmospheric noise, much like the white noise that you might hear on a radio with no station. This is obviously more difficult to re-create on the gambling format, however, the application is still a viable one.

There are then primarily two major concerns that a gambling website, like Real Time Gaming, must look at prior to choosing a random number generator that is high quality enough for their demanding players; you and me. The first thing that must be considered is to be able to re-create randomness as closely as possible as to mimic the toss of a deck of real cards, or the flip of a coin. There are many high quality random number generators that are mathematically written that are able to do very well. In fact it would take the keenest observations to tell if there was a subtle aberration in the algorithm that might skew the results.

Another very important consideration that Real Time Gaming must take into account before selecting a random number generator is that of security. Any program that can be written can be cracked and therefore can be skewed in favor of a player without the best of intentions. Real Time Gaming understands this and has opened their random number generators to third party testing to alleviate any security concerns.

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