Texas Holdem :Playing Tight-Aggressive Best Strategy?

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Texas Holdem :Playing Tight-Aggressive Best Strategy?

What is the best style of playing?

As many poker players may know by now, When playing texas holdem, any semi-decent poker player will have a playing style that is tight and aggressive. This means that they will be aggressive and call often but they will only wager on the strong hands.

An experience my friend Bill had will turn that theory upside down. At a casino he frequented, A man joined the table Bill was playing at. As soon as he sat down he said he thought the man was ignorant and a pretty lousy player at best.

He raised most of the time no matter what the cards where. Each time he raised he rose at least $50. The strange part was that he was winning. He played very loose and amazingly aggressive. He played every hand. This man won against AA and other pairs with unsuited low hands. It was an amazing sight to see.

Bill was playing conservative as always and he was doing pretty well until this man came to the table. Bill had KK and he had A6 in the last game and the man raised Bill. Of course at the time Bill had no idea what he had so…anyway, Bill thought he had it won with the great hand so Bill went all in before the flop to try and beat this guy. Big mistake for my friend. That ace hit the table and it was all over. That man won again.

I was astounded to hear this story because it really does defy the laws of statistics and traditional holdem. Makes you wonder about the way you play and the idea of “pro” playing. Later Bill overheard the man talking about holdem. He was saying how every hand was a good hand… wow!

Well, that is something to think about…the new style of playing, loose-aggressive!

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